Festive round up!

Since this is a new blog I thought I would do a little festive round up I was inspired by the lovely Lucinda’s post at  teacher2mummy 

Christmas Eve

  • Mark and I FINALLY wrapping the Christmas presents (better late than never!!)
  • Lots and lots of lovely Christmas music
  • Mark doing some prep on the Turkey
  • Mulled wine and board games with our neighbours and friends

Christmas Day

Arthur woke up really early (5am)…..we’ll say its because he was excited for Santa

We checked and Santa had indeed been to see us!!  Arthur got to open his stocking in bed with us then we had breakfast of croissants and pain au chocolat (Arthur had porridge!)

Santa's been!  He even left a coffee for Mark!

Santa’s been! He even left a coffee for Mark!

After that we went for a really lovely beach walk with one of our friends the weather was beautiful and the beach was empty it was perfection!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

We stuck to fairly classic toys for Arthur, he got some stacking cups a shape sorter a nice soft book and a foamy mat to play on (desperately needed due to having a tiled floor!)

Being away from our families can be hard, especially at Christmas!  We video skyped home to open presents from mine and marks family which was lovely and helped make everyone feel involved in the day.

A big Christmas dinner was prepared between us and our neighbours.  5 of us plus Arthur meant that we got to have a real family christmas feel!  We had the works: turkey, gammon, stuffing, roast veg, gravy, yorkshire puds (okay not a christmas classic I know but we never have roasts here so it was a treat!) it was amazing!!

Boxing Day 

Boxing Day is Mark’s birthday.  It was also the day Arthur turned 6 months old!  I had planned a surprise BBQ on the beach at a hotel some friends of ours own however the weather was against me and in the end everyone piled round to our place.  It was hectic but really fun.

New Years

We were asked to house sit for someone on Mahe for new years which we jumped at as it was a beautiful 4bed house with its own private beach!!!!

Arthur was great on the little flight over, he hadn’t been on it since we first brought him home and I thought now he was more aware he might not like it but he was very happy.

We spent the week really relaxing and doing not all that much.  It might seem crazy to think that we needed time to relax considering where we live but Mark had been working really hard up to Christmas and I think sometimes time away from your house is always a good thing!

the view from the house!

the view from the house!

New Years Eve we spent some time on the beach and in the evening Mark and I got a chinese take away (a special treat as there is no Chinese takeaway on Praslin).









That brings us up to now 🙂 Mark is back at work and so its back to just me and Arthur in the day.  I had been meaning to start a blog for ages and now felt like a good time!  So Happy New Year lets hope its the best yet!