They’re coming!

My parents arrive on Saturday!   I’m so excited!  We haven’t seen them since Arthur was a month old.


Muuuum where are they?!

They will be here for a month and are staying in a really nice (like nicer then our house) self catering apartment.  Of course we have said that they can stay with us but really there isn’t the space, we’ve got two bedrooms and I love Arthur but I don’t want to have him back in our room again!!!!  Anyway it will be good for everyone to have their own space.

This week I am mostly trying to keep really busy (you know because running around after an 8 month old doesn’t keep you busy enough!) so it doesn’t drag.  Its not been really keeping busy with fun things though.  I’ve been doing all those horrible jobs around the house that you put off forever.  Theres nothing like your parents coming to visit to make sure you have a sparkly clean house!!

So this is a quick one as now I need to go and remove dead geckos from door frames and windows…………….still jealous of Seychelles life?

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Boat Trips {Seychelles Time}

This is the first ‘Seychelles Time’ post.  I’m going to start with the ultimate!  Boat trips.  We have been lucky enough to get to go on some amazing boats and have had opportunities to do some fantastic boat trips.

We have yet to take Arthur on a boat trip but I imagine it won’t be too long!

There are some gorgeous little islands that surround Praslin that are beautiful to snorkel and swim by.  The favourite of boat skippers seem to be the sister islands (grande soeur and petite soeur), Coco island, and Félicité.

Félicité is a private island where some mega luxury apartments were being built but the project ran out of money and it has been abandoned.  Now it looks like doctor evils lair!

Coco island was actually used in a Carling beer tv advert.  The one where the crab is running on a treadmill to keep the fridge cool!?

Here are some pictures of the islands, us and the fun things you find on these trips 🙂 I hope you enjoy Seychelles Time

P1020348P1030362 P1030301P1030243


Pregnant Snorkeling



Hawksbill Turtle




The best boat trips end with a beautiful sunset 🙂


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Being a Seychelles mama 0-8 months (the harder bits)

This post is all about the things that aren’t so great about being a Seychellesmama.  These things do not outweigh the positives of living here for us.  I’m not looking for sympathy here (and know I won’t get it!!!) but I thought it might be nice to share that living in the Indian Ocean does have its drawbacks!!

  1. I’ll start with the obvious!  Being away from family and friends.  I won’t get into this too much, it speaks for itself really.  There are days that are harder than others!  To be honest though, I lived about 5 hours drive away from my parents before we moved here and okay tack another 10 hours to that to get here by plane but its safe to say that the views are a lot better here!!  Another reason why this is hard is for help with Arthur.  Mark and I really have raised him by ourselves, which I’m not complaining about but there are days where you would like to drop him off at grandparents for the afternoon and take a little break!
  2. Weather.  Yes its glorious, and yes it makes getting Arthur dressed very easy however for the last month he has had perpetual heat rash and that sucks!!!
  3. Availability of anything.  To me this is the hardest thing.  This isn’t just baby stuff, although that effects us most these days.  You can not consistently get anything here.  The thing this bothers me most with is nappies.  The shop at the top of our road is generally very good and does order things for us but if it runs out on Mahe (the main island) then we have to wait a few weeks/months until another shipment comes in from whatever country.  There will always be some sort of nappies that we can get but for some reason people here prefer cheaper brands that are really plasticy and horrible 😦 to me buying nappies like that are false economy, although they are cheaper you get through so many more because you have to change them every 5 minutes!
  4. Medical care.  So this has only been highlighted in the last month where I took Arthur for the doctor for heat rash and a second time where we went to hospital.  We have to pay, it’s not America expensive, but its not cheap!
  5. There are no groups/classes.  I’m talking parent and baby groups, I do always feel a pang of jealousy when I read on twitter about mummies going to different groups or classes with their babies.  It seems like a nice way to meet other parents and its something thats missing here.
  6. There are no pavements in most places.  This is a bit of a pain for going for walks.  The roads are mostly very quiet and so its not too bad but it’s not ideal!

Okay so I think thats the main things covered, can’t really think of anything else right now!  I’m not sure how this list will change as Arthur gets older, i’ll be interested to look back on this!!

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A day in the life of Seychellesmama {The Ordinary Moments} #8

It’s Sunday so I’m linking up with the lovely Katie at Mummy Daddy Me for the Ordinary Moments!

I thought I’d write a post about a typical day for me.  I imagine that actually it’s not that different to wherever you’re reading this from.  if you have kids there’s the same stuff you have to do wherever you are in the world 🙂  The differences will probably appear on the weekend, I’ll do a separate post for that!

Arthur wakes up at the totally unsociable time of between 5-6 😢every morning.  I never ever imagined myself thinking 6am was a lie in but since Arthur it is!!  its light by around half 6 so it’s not so bad.  Mark has to wake up at 6 to get ready for work anyway.

I get Arthur changed and give him a bottle.  Mark makes tea and coffee we have a bit of family time before he goes to work at 7.  I’ll then give Arthur his breakfast.  A friend lent me a sing and sign DVD so me and Arthur have been watching this in the mornings which he seems to enjoy.

Between 8-9 Arthur goes back to sleep, usually for around 90mins so in this time I get as much boring stuff done as possible:

  • sweep the floor….the floors are tiled as it helps keep the place cool but also easy to keep clean, but it’s amazing to see how much dust and general grub gets accumulated every day!!
  • Wash up breakfast stuff
  • get started on making some dinner (although mostly we make dinner that goes for more than one night so this isn’t everyday!)
  • try to do a little bit of exercise….nothing major just a bit of yoga or some sort of toning thing!
  • get some washing on.

(I imagine this is all sounding pretty familiar right!?)

When Arthur gets up he will have another bottle.  We will then do some errands like dropping off the bins (no door to door collection here!) pick up some things from the shop and have a little walk.  Taking Arthur for a walk where we live is not really that easy as there’s no pavements so I make sure I take him out when I know the roads will be quiet (don’t get me wrong they are never busy but there are still quieter times!).  Anywhere walking from my house quickly ends up having a sea view it’s really lovely and it’s a real nice way to relax getting some sea air, there’s usually a light breeze the closer to the beach you get too which is always welcome!

At the end of our road!

Once we are back we play in the house a bit and then I’ll make him some lunch.  He will then usually have another nap around 1 for about an hour up to two if I’m lucky!

During this time I’ll have my lunch and maybe watch some tv (we download all our tv so I’m always at least 2 days behind anything usually more!). Ill try to do some blog stuff !  I usually am iMessaging my Mum around this time too (I love that we can do that)

When Arthur gets up he will have another bottle.  I quite often Skype mum and dad at this time. (Right now we are 4 hours ahead of UK time but this goes back to 3 once the clocks change there….they don’t change here.). We then play some more, and at some point between 3-4 Mark gets home from work, he will always have more to do when he gets home though (teacher!) Ill try and get out with Arthur.

Half 5 Arthur has his dinner followed by bath and stories!  He’s in bed for half 6.

It’s dark by 7.  Mark and I will have dinner together, watch a film or some TV current favs are Modern Family, Sherlock and Game of Thrones (watched the final of season 3 last night oh my god….can’t wait for season 4!)

So yeah that’s it really!!  I try to get Arthur in the pool at least one week day a week we have the paddling pool now so I can always chuck him in there for a quick cool off!  We are coming up to the really hot and dry time of year so the paddling pool and our air con are really gonna come into their own!  Something that I feel is really missing here are any parent and baby classes and a park.

On weekends we always make sure we get some proper ‘Seychelles time’ but I’ll save that for another day!  Thanks for reading!

Happy Sunday!