A sleepy change

It’s been a week.

Last Sunday night Arthur slept through the night for the first time ever.

It was amazing.

But, it had a twinge of sadness attached.  Arthur had been having a bottle for all his feeds except the night feed.  Him sleeping through meant it had been 24 hours of no breastfeeding.

I decided that I would make up a bottle of water and try him with that on Monday night.  I prepared myself that he in all likely hood wasn’t going to sleep through again but the fact that he had done it meant that he probably didn’t need to be fed in the night any more.

So Monday night I made up a bottle of water for him and when he woke up at 3am he drank the lot and then settled back down to sleep.  However he woke up at half past 4 and wouldn’t go back to sleep 😦 Little monkey!!

48 hours no breastfeeding.

Tuesday night, Arthur woke a couple times in the night he wasn’t fighting the bottle and I didn’t feel like he was desperately trying to feed from me but he didn’t drink that much water.

72 hours no breastfeeding.

Wednesday he woke once, had a little cuddle and a little water and then back to sleep.

Ummmm 94 hours….okay thats enough, it had been 4 days not breastfeeding.

Thursday he decided to wake at 4 in the morning, this isn’t little monkey territory this is little monster territory!

5 days.

Friday, he slept through again HURRAH!!!!!!  Its now Monday and he slept through all weekend, three nights in a row!

I feel like a different person.   I feel like an actual human again!

On Sunday we were in the car and I said to Mark it had been a week.  We realised that this was the end of breastfeeding.  I was actually pretty sad about it.  Even though I’ve been phasing it out since Christmas, it’s been 8 and a half months.  I had a rocky start but on the whole I was one of the lucky ones who found it not so difficult to do.  It had been over a month where the only feed I had been doing was at night.  I had been thinking about the best way to stop it but in the end Arthur made the decision for me, which I guess is the best way for it to happen.  I enjoyed our late night/early morning snuggles just us.  But I must say I didn’t get any less enjoyment giving him a bottle of water at this time, we were still snuggled up and it was still our special time.  In a truly selfish way the full nights sleep have made me get over any sadness pretty quickly!