7 months

Tomorrow (Jan 26th) my little boy turns 7 months old!


This months Stats:

Weighs 8.01kg (17lb 11oz) 

Teeth: 5

At 7 months Arthur now rolls around all over the place so I’m in the process of opening those eyes in the back of my head!  He is also obsessed with being stood up, he absolutely loves it.  He’s desperate to be crawling and we are just beginning to get some forward shuffling!  Arthur is also loving getting around in his walker.


3 teeth have appeared this month!!  The front top two have come through with a big gap in the middle, its really cute!  My great nannie had a gap in her teeth I wonder if his will stay or close up.

This month has been about getting back to ‘normal’ with Mark going back to work after having 4 weeks off for Christmas, however there has been quite a lot of change in the last month for our little guy and I must say he’s coped really really well.  Firstly he’s moved into his own room.  We have also started introducing bottle feeds, he’s gradually been having more and more and we are now at the point where I am only feeding him once a day (for the night feed which hopefully won’t last too much longer!).  He is on three solid meals a day and we’ve started introducing meat, so far he’s had chicken  and beef (spag bol, yum!).  As a result of all these things he’s been sleeping so much better.  He is now only having one night feed (before it was up to 6 but usually around 3) which is pretty amazing  for all of us!

We have been getting a lot more noises with squeals of delight and shouts of displeasure!  No real ‘sounds’ as such, we get the occasional ‘muuummmmmm’ but that only tends to be when he’s grumpy (typical!).  Its fun hearing him expressing himself in his own way, he clearly enjoys it too.  We took a video of him laughing (at his bricks being dropped on the floor?!) and its really fun to show it back to him as he laughs at himself.

Here’s to a healthy and happy next month!