My Birthday at Raffles

Last week was my 28th birthday!

I was treated to a lie in as Arthur had gone for a sleepover at my Mum and Dad’s apartment.  I say lie in but we are talking 7am, yes that is a lie in for me, sad isn’t it!!

My present from Mark this year was my PADI advanced divers course, i’ll talk about that in a separate post!

Mum and dad got me a pretty play suit and an iPad mini and my brother got me a lovely case for it.

Daddy   Arthur got me some earrings I had my eye on!

So I had been suitably spoiled!


We then went out to a mystery location for my birthday lunch which turned out to be Raffles!  I had been wanting to go for ages so I was delighted when we pulled up!

We went to the pool bar it was gorgeous!


The waiter asked if we lived here……What!?  Don’t we look like we belong in Raffles, what gave us away???!

We had a starter of Sushi and a mixed platter with things like samosas and mozzarella sticks….yum!

For lunch my dad had a smoked Marlin wrap which he said was delicious but honestly I think he made a bit of an error because the rest of us had the burger and it was the best……….I’m not talking any burger here though this was a Wagyu burger.

I can now write this like I know what I’m talking about, I don’t, but I looked it up and apparently it means something along the lines of the cow was fed Beer and Sake and it gets regularly massaged, lucky cow!

So anyway the burger tasted awesome, it was massive and cooked how I wanted and it came with chips, what more could a girl want on her birthday?


Cocktail and burger, they don’t come classier then me!

Oh right, yeah, cocktails of course!! It’s kind of obligatory to have some kind of ‘sling’ cocktail since it was Raffles who invented the Singapore Sling (the Raffles in Singapore obviously!).  I went for the Paris sling, but I of course also tried my Mum’s Singapore sling, oh and we had to have a Margarita, it’s kind of our thing!


After lunch it was swim time.  Where we had so much fun splashing around (only partly cocktail induced), jumping in-between the two layers of infinity pools, making a built in sun bed thing into a slide.  Arthur slept until Mark decided to do a bomb into the pool!!

At around 4 it all clouded over and the heavens opened, we took it as our cue to leave!

The evening was spent having sandwiches and a big yummy birthday cake! All in all it was an awesome day!


40 thoughts on “My Birthday at Raffles

  1. Happy birthday! Your birthday sounded absolutely amazing. We had lunch at raffles when we were in the Seychelles and loved it, so your post made me very nostalgic – for a moment there I could almost feel the sun!

  2. Happy belated birthday! It looks like an amazing day out! And it seems you, quite literally, let your hair down after a few drinks- good on ya! x

  3. Happy birthday! What a perfect way to spend your birthday and you got some fab gifts!! Am soooooo jealous of your burger. Looks yummy. I turned 30 in September and me n the hubs are still trying to get round to celebrating it lol x x

  4. Sounds absolutely perfect for your birthday. HAPPY HAPPY 28th! You young hot momma! lol Glad you had a great time and felt spoiled on your special day. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. It’s great to have you back. lol Photos look stunning. #sharewithme

  5. What a brilliant birthday Chantelle! I love a Singapore Sling too – didn’t realise there were other types of Sling… Living in the Seychelles must be so wonderful! X #sharewithme

  6. What a brilliant birthday… Great presents, amazing location, gorgeous lunch: I am so jealous! Mel #ShareWithMe

    • You should still try it, apparently there are loads of great places to go in the UK, you would just have to wear a much thicker wetsuit!!! Or loads of places in Europe have dive places too, something to try on your next holiday maybe 🙂 x

  7. Happy Birthday Chantelle! I am usually pretty happy with my life until I read about yours! Then I start to turn a rather nasty shade of green! However, it actually is sunny here at the minute, so I’m trying to work on brown instead! Sounds like you had a lovely day x

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