Being a Seychelles mama 0-8 months (the harder bits)

This post is all about the things that aren’t so great about being a Seychellesmama.  These things do not outweigh the positives of living here for us.  I’m not looking for sympathy here (and know I won’t get it!!!) but I thought it might be nice to share that living in the Indian Ocean does have its drawbacks!!

  1. I’ll start with the obvious!  Being away from family and friends.  I won’t get into this too much, it speaks for itself really.  There are days that are harder than others!  To be honest though, I lived about 5 hours drive away from my parents before we moved here and okay tack another 10 hours to that to get here by plane but its safe to say that the views are a lot better here!!  Another reason why this is hard is for help with Arthur.  Mark and I really have raised him by ourselves, which I’m not complaining about but there are days where you would like to drop him off at grandparents for the afternoon and take a little break!
  2. Weather.  Yes its glorious, and yes it makes getting Arthur dressed very easy however for the last month he has had perpetual heat rash and that sucks!!!
  3. Availability of anything.  To me this is the hardest thing.  This isn’t just baby stuff, although that effects us most these days.  You can not consistently get anything here.  The thing this bothers me most with is nappies.  The shop at the top of our road is generally very good and does order things for us but if it runs out on Mahe (the main island) then we have to wait a few weeks/months until another shipment comes in from whatever country.  There will always be some sort of nappies that we can get but for some reason people here prefer cheaper brands that are really plasticy and horrible 😦 to me buying nappies like that are false economy, although they are cheaper you get through so many more because you have to change them every 5 minutes!
  4. Medical care.  So this has only been highlighted in the last month where I took Arthur for the doctor for heat rash and a second time where we went to hospital.  We have to pay, it’s not America expensive, but its not cheap!
  5. There are no groups/classes.  I’m talking parent and baby groups, I do always feel a pang of jealousy when I read on twitter about mummies going to different groups or classes with their babies.  It seems like a nice way to meet other parents and its something thats missing here.
  6. There are no pavements in most places.  This is a bit of a pain for going for walks.  The roads are mostly very quiet and so its not too bad but it’s not ideal!

Okay so I think thats the main things covered, can’t really think of anything else right now!  I’m not sure how this list will change as Arthur gets older, i’ll be interested to look back on this!!

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17 thoughts on “Being a Seychelles mama 0-8 months (the harder bits)

  1. Oh goodness, I never would have thought about any of this! I guess I just think how idyllic it all sounds. Being away from family and having no on-hand babysitters must be tough. I’m still totally, totally jealous of your sunshine though – if you ever fancy a house swap, Northern Ireland is a delightful shade of grey this time of year! 😉 E x

  2. We went to Seychelles with our daughter when she was 20 months old. Although we had a fab time, the heat issue was annoying. And luckily we had brought nappies from the UK. I never thought that there might not be baby groups/classes. They are such a good way to get out of the house and meet other mums. Luckily you have twitter! 🙂 x

    • i have a 19 months old baby and we want to go on holiday to Seychelles soon. Would you mind sharing please what else you brought with you from UK apart from nappies? In my plans I was planning to buy nappies over there, but I realised now it would have been a mistake.

      • Hi Sorina, you will probably find that the nappies will be okay, we regularly can get pampers or huggies but I would personally bring a decent supply just in case! You may even find if you are staying in a hotel they can order some in for you. I’d bring some snacks that you know your little one likes too since you never really know how little ones react to food abroad in any country! Other than that I wouldn’t say you need anything special aside from what you’d take on a normal holiday….sun cream, UV sun wear a few toys etc! Oh and you want to check that wherever you are staying has a cot and high chair!
        Let me know if you have any other questions 🙂

  3. Great post my dear, people probably think oh you live in an amazing place what you have that’s tough but it is still normal life that things can be tricky. My friends and family all think England is this magical European place I should be so lucky. But I miss my family and friends, my culture, the brands and things I loved and foods I was used to. It’s just different. I totally can empathize with you. I can’t imagine how stranded you must feel sometimes!!! Thank you ever so much for linking up with Share With Me. I love reading your post and getting to know you better and your lovely blog. #sharewithme

  4. I can’t imagine living somewhere we can’t be sure of getting nappies in at the drop of hat – how frustrating! And I’m quite sure living so far from family is a strain – mine are all within an hour away, and some just 10 minutes. But the sun and the beauty of the place, I’m sure, makes up for this x

  5. This is really interesting to read, as a fellow expat, the things you find annoying/tough may be different but I can completely empathise. The family and friends thing is really hard. Also, bizarrely, the heat – last summer the temperature here was consistently in the 90’s and the wee girl had the most awful heat rash, I had to start popping baking soda in the bath and popping calamine on it to try and ease it! I loved the sunshine though 🙂 #ShareWithMe

  6. I agree with the poster above – seize the opportunity and set up your own groups! (And maybe a nappy Importing business?!)

    Sounds an amazing place though…


  7. Wow, all the little things we take for granted at home! It was exactly like this when I was there 21-years ago, maybe you should stockpile nappies etc when they’re available. Are there no other ex-pats where you are? Might be worth trying to find a few and set up your own group. What an incredible place to bring up a child though…

  8. It must be so hard not having family close by. Both sets of our parent live less than 5 mins drive away, so we always have willing babysitters whenever we want them. Just today I dropped O off at my mums so I could pop to the chemist and supermarket on my own. I can imagine not having that option can be pretty draining at times xx

  9. I’m pleased the good outweigh the bad but can definitely see that little things like this would annoy you and really start to wind you up! But at least you have so many nice things which make up for it plus skype for keeping in touch! #MMWBH

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