A day in the life of Seychellesmama {The Ordinary Moments} #8

It’s Sunday so I’m linking up with the lovely Katie at Mummy Daddy Me for the Ordinary Moments!

I thought I’d write a post about a typical day for me.  I imagine that actually it’s not that different to wherever you’re reading this from.  if you have kids there’s the same stuff you have to do wherever you are in the world 🙂  The differences will probably appear on the weekend, I’ll do a separate post for that!

Arthur wakes up at the totally unsociable time of between 5-6 😢every morning.  I never ever imagined myself thinking 6am was a lie in but since Arthur it is!!  its light by around half 6 so it’s not so bad.  Mark has to wake up at 6 to get ready for work anyway.

I get Arthur changed and give him a bottle.  Mark makes tea and coffee we have a bit of family time before he goes to work at 7.  I’ll then give Arthur his breakfast.  A friend lent me a sing and sign DVD so me and Arthur have been watching this in the mornings which he seems to enjoy.

Between 8-9 Arthur goes back to sleep, usually for around 90mins so in this time I get as much boring stuff done as possible:

  • sweep the floor….the floors are tiled as it helps keep the place cool but also easy to keep clean, but it’s amazing to see how much dust and general grub gets accumulated every day!!
  • Wash up breakfast stuff
  • get started on making some dinner (although mostly we make dinner that goes for more than one night so this isn’t everyday!)
  • try to do a little bit of exercise….nothing major just a bit of yoga or some sort of toning thing!
  • get some washing on.

(I imagine this is all sounding pretty familiar right!?)

When Arthur gets up he will have another bottle.  We will then do some errands like dropping off the bins (no door to door collection here!) pick up some things from the shop and have a little walk.  Taking Arthur for a walk where we live is not really that easy as there’s no pavements so I make sure I take him out when I know the roads will be quiet (don’t get me wrong they are never busy but there are still quieter times!).  Anywhere walking from my house quickly ends up having a sea view it’s really lovely and it’s a real nice way to relax getting some sea air, there’s usually a light breeze the closer to the beach you get too which is always welcome!

At the end of our road!

Once we are back we play in the house a bit and then I’ll make him some lunch.  He will then usually have another nap around 1 for about an hour up to two if I’m lucky!

During this time I’ll have my lunch and maybe watch some tv (we download all our tv so I’m always at least 2 days behind anything usually more!). Ill try to do some blog stuff !  I usually am iMessaging my Mum around this time too (I love that we can do that)

When Arthur gets up he will have another bottle.  I quite often Skype mum and dad at this time. (Right now we are 4 hours ahead of UK time but this goes back to 3 once the clocks change there….they don’t change here.). We then play some more, and at some point between 3-4 Mark gets home from work, he will always have more to do when he gets home though (teacher!) Ill try and get out with Arthur.

Half 5 Arthur has his dinner followed by bath and stories!  He’s in bed for half 6.

It’s dark by 7.  Mark and I will have dinner together, watch a film or some TV current favs are Modern Family, Sherlock and Game of Thrones (watched the final of season 3 last night oh my god….can’t wait for season 4!)

So yeah that’s it really!!  I try to get Arthur in the pool at least one week day a week we have the paddling pool now so I can always chuck him in there for a quick cool off!  We are coming up to the really hot and dry time of year so the paddling pool and our air con are really gonna come into their own!  Something that I feel is really missing here are any parent and baby classes and a park.

On weekends we always make sure we get some proper ‘Seychelles time’ but I’ll save that for another day!  Thanks for reading!

Happy Sunday!



26 thoughts on “A day in the life of Seychellesmama {The Ordinary Moments} #8

  1. Loving your daily routine that we all live by! Bet you wouldn’t change it for the world though and wow you are so lucky to have that beach at the end of your road! Amazing. I’m guessing it’s nearly time for Arthur to go to bed, so have a lovely adult Sunday evening xxx Ax

  2. I really enjoyed reading this! I’m sure loads of people imagine you leading some sort of idyllic life where you spend all your time on the beautiful beaches sunbathing…… The reality is not so different to the rest of us really! Just with better weather most of the time! xx

    • Thank you lovely!! Yeah that’s what I wanted to get across!! Although we do get lovely lovely times, day to day life really is pretty much the same wherever you are!!! Xx

  3. It’s so lovely to hear about your day! Very similar to our day although we’ve got out of the 6am wake ups thankfully, he usually goes back to sleep until 7ish. I envy your 1.5hr naps though – T doesn’t often sleep longer than 30minutes at a time! x

  4. I still am in awe of where you live. Just stunning. I love that you get time to have family time before Mark goes to work. That’s time you will cherish and love forever. Arthur you must sleep longer for your Momma!!! 6 am eek I am not nice that early. Love your routine though. I am very fond of a good routine.#ordinarymoments

  5. That view at the end of your road is stunning, but nice to know cooking and cleaning have to be done in pretty places like that too! 😉

  6. I loved reading this. Oh how idillic your life sounds. I remember this when my boys were little. Treasure every minute, they grow so quickly and there are new routines to embrace!

    • Thank you Emily!! Life here is iddilic but definitely still does have it’s challenges! I do my best to savour every second with my little guy the change so scarily quick isnt it!!

  7. Your photos are beautiful, and I’m filled with a desire to walk down the street and encounter that view. I can imagine the stress of a baby is eased somewhat by that location!

  8. I love to hear all about your life there, funnily enough I was showing my husband your blog the other day as we were talking about our life and why we live where we do when there are so many beautiful places we could live! I am too scared to move away from my family though, otherwise I would in a shot! Your life sounds idillic. x

    • Thank you Katie 🙂
      I think taking the plunge to move away is a massive one, for me though perhaps slightly less since I had lived abroad before (although with my family when I was 17) and my family have moved abroad for at least 4 generations so it’s kind of in my blood to do it 🙂 xx

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  10. Just like everyone else has said, you may have great views and better weather but when it comes down to it, day to day life with a baby is pretty similar wherever you are. I think we should start a blogger exchange programme though – how would you fancy a week in rainy Scotland?!

  11. It’s so nice to get an insight into your life, and you’re right, us mums do all have roughly the same thing going on! Good on you for making the most of your lovely surroundings though. Although we live in the city, which is not ideal, we are very close to the Alps and as soon as the weather gets better I want make sure we go hiking as often as possible. I think that’s the most important thing about having moved abroad: making sure you experience it properly so you’ll all have fond memories later!

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