8 months

Today my little guy is 8 months old!


This months stats

Weighs 8.295 kg (18lb 5oz)

Teeth: 6

This has been a big month of change in Arthur’s life.  He is now crawling around all over the place and every day he gets faster!  He is pulling himself up to standing and when he really wants something (i.e the remote for the TV or my phone) he will shuffle along gripping onto the sofa to get it!  This has resulted in Arthur taking A LOT longer to go down to sleep as he is too interested in sitting and standing up in his cot.


Not only has this opened up numerous possibilities for Arthur, it has changed mine and Mark’s life dramatically too!  Eyes in the back of our heads are not enough to make sure that this little guy stays out of trouble!

His new ability to get around so quick has resulted in a trip to the hospital which was very dramatic for me and Mark but Arthur has recovered just fine!

A tooth came through the day after I posted Arthur’s 7 months post, it was luckily uneventful and we seem to have hit a little break in teething (phew!)

I had three nights having to do solo bed time routine for Arthur as Mark was working on the school play (which was a big success!).  It was hard work and I am glad to have him back to help out, Arthur is too he enjoys Marks bed time stories much more than mine!

Arthur has had a lot of time playing outside in the garden, he really enjoys having a good look round but particularly enjoys eating grass (and attempted to eat a snail, luckily i rescued it!


We have been swimming lots and Arthur is now lucky enough that he has his own paddling pool.  When we take him to the pool he is getting so confident he loves being put up on the side to ‘jump’ in!

Arthur is still happy eating anything and everything.  Mostly he like it when he can pick it up and eat it himself, loaded spoons are less interesting to him now.

We are getting lots and lots of noises from Arthur now, still no particular ‘sounds’ as such but he’s so expressive and he really does let us know how he’s feeling, we are lucky that he’s a happy baby most of the time although he’s pretty bossy!!

Lets hope for a hospital free month and lots more adventures with Arthur!

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41 thoughts on “8 months

  1. Thank you EVER EVER so much for linking up to Share With Me. This is so lovely. Happy 8 months Arthur. Missy Moo is 8 months today too, I hadn’t realized they were the exact same age. lol 😉 She just started sitting up but no crawling like amazing Arthur yet. I can imagine you definitely have to keep your eyes not just in the back but on all sides of your head. Bless ya. Hope no more hospital visit. We have had our fare share of hospital visit with Buba its so scary and emotional for us parents. Glad he is ok and on the mend. Thanks again for linking up. Love gettting to know you and your lovely blog.

  2. 8 months and 6 teeth! Go Arthur! He’s so gorgeous, I may not ‘know’ any of you but I feel so privileged being able to watch him grow up through your blog. Thanks so much for sharing x

    • Thank you I love his cot, we spent hours and hours restoring it which I think makes me love it more as we really did put a lot of love (and sweat) into it!!
      It really has all gone so quickly it’s scary but so amazing to watch x

  3. He’s so cute – looks like he’s a right little character 🙂 I loved it when my son was at that stage – you have to have eyes in the back of your head because they’re just into everything – but it’s so so wonderful as they discover everything. Visiting from the Share With Me linky!

  4. Aww, go Arthur! He’s a couple of weeks older than Toby and it’s so lovely to see everyone’s babies growing and developing through our blogs. No crawling here yet – although Toby has just worked out how to get onto his hands and knees so I’m pretty sure he’ll be on the move really soon!

  5. Here’s to a hospital-free March for you guys 😉 Just glad you have completed your parent rite of passage (the trip to a&e) and that it was all ok.
    Once they are on the move you realise just how much you should have taken advantage of when they didn’t move when you put them down somewhere! It’s so much fun though watching them explore every. single. nook and cranny.

  6. What a cute little guy! Adorable! My 2nd hasn’t figured out moving apart from a bit of cruising or walking holding onto our hands! But I do remember how much of a life changer it is and how they move quicker than you’d ever expect! Hope you have a healthy month ahead 🙂 x

  7. That’s a lovely photograph. My two were quite late crawlers (such a long time ago now!) but once they start, that’s it – no peace for you…..

  8. He’s very cute! How great that he’s already got so much confidence in water. That’s a real life-skill as well as lots of fun xx

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