The Paddling Pool {The Ordinary Moments} #7

Its Sunday so I’m linking up with Katie at Mummy Daddy Me for the Ordinary Moments again!

On Friday Mark came home from work with a paddling pool for Arthur.  I was so excited as I’ve been desperate for him to have one!  I know we are spoiled with having access to a swimming pool two minutes away but there is something very special about a paddling pool, I think so any way!

I have such happy memories of being in the paddling pool when I was little and so I was so excited for Arthur now having his own.

On Saturday I was Skyping my dad who has been working on a boat for the last two months.  We hadn’t been able to chat for a while as the wifi on board isn’t very reliable (they are in the middle of the North Sea so you can’t expect it to be great!).  Half way through the call we had a power cut 😦 so we couldn’t finish talking which was sad.  It got really hot in the house really quick so I jumped at the opportunity to get Arthur in the paddling pool!!

I only filled it up a little but he had SO much fun splashing and crawling around in the cool water.

Paddling Pool fun!

Paddling Pool fun!

Im not sure whether part of the excitement of the paddling pool for me being little was that it was only the odd day you could use it as its obviously a weather dependent activity!!  However I hope that Arthur will continue to have fun in his and I know we will get lots of use out of it :). Arthur is a very lucky boy to have a life where playing in a paddling pool really can be an ordinary moment!

Happy Sunday



41 thoughts on “The Paddling Pool {The Ordinary Moments} #7

  1. What a gorgeous picture. Last summer we had a paddling pool and sandpit for my little man. He’d spend hours transferring as much sand as he could into the pool. Quite a challenge for a bum shuffler with a small spade! #ordinarymoments

  2. There is something lovely about a paddling pool, you’re so right. I think it’s maybe the lovely shallow water and the fact that it belongs entirely to you! I guess a big pool could feel quite overwhelming from a little ones perspective! #OrdinaryMoments

  3. What a lovely picture my dear. So cute. I loved the paddling pool when I was a kid and definitely loved it last summer with Buba. I can’t wait till we get some nice weather here and Missy Moo can enjoy it with Buba too! Looks like a lot of fun is going on in this pool. Thanks for sharing your lovely ordinary moment. 😉 You are ever so lucky.

  4. I remember being excited last summer when we bought Little Miss her first padding pool. Hopefully we’ll get plenty of chances to use it again this year. After all the rain we’ve had here this winter, I think we’ve all earned a decent summer!

  5. We bought a paddling pool last summer as I was so excited about getting Teddy in it (despite the fact he could barely sit up at that point…..) I am already looking forward to the weather getting better so we can hopefully get it out again! In the meantime it makes an amazing ball pit for the sitting room….. xx

  6. I do envy you and the beautiful weather you must have, but obviously it is not all going to be amazing and I am sure you miss your family at the same time too. And a paddling pool is a must as a child even if you do have access to swimming pools. Every baby has to have one! Arthur looks gorgeous in his! x

  7. I love how we’re here with floods, freezing cold, yucky weather and you’re there with the beach, baking hot weather and paddling pools!! Amazing, very envious x

  8. Aww he looks so happy in there! I am so jealous as it so cold here at the moment! Can’t wait for weather warm enough to get the paddling pool out! 🙂 xx

  9. Right now I’m just drinking in all the lovely sunshine in your pictures! Arthur looks so sweet in his paddling pool and you’re definitely in the right spot for needing one – and maybe, just maybe, the day will come when I can take my girls back to the splash pad at the park again!

    • haha thanks 🙂
      running through sprinklers is awesome no one really has them here as theres water shortage so often but maybe one day we can sneak onto the golf course in the morning to run through theirs! x

  10. That is such a lovely photo! And paddling pools are great! Obviously we’re at the mercy of the English weather, but the paddling pool has been such an amazing part of our summers since we had kids. I didn’t have one as a child… I ran through sprinklers instead, which was fun too 🙂

  11. So sweet in can’t wait for summer to get the paddling pool out for my two. I love getting in it with then and splashing in the water. Those moments made my childhood with my parents x x

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