The Dentist {The Ordinary Moments} #6

I’m a little late for this one but I’m linking up with Katie at Mummy Daddy Me for the Ordinary Moments again!

Today (Monday), Arthur had his monthly weight check.  The nurse asked me if we had seen the dentist yet.  I explained that I had asked about this last month and the lady had told me it wasn’t until 9 months…..

 “Who was she?  Who told you that?”


(I’m not dropping any one in it!!!  No one wants an angry Seychellois woman on there back, believe me!)

Anyway, she tells me I must go today.  I had also been told previously that the dentist was at the hospital (on the other side of the island).  I thought i’d check to be sure.

“I’ll show you.”

(Cue me mentally preparing myself to take directions to some obscure random place)

Turns out it was in the same building, there is a brand shiny new dentist in the health centre.  All the equipment is brand new I was very impressed.  The lady in there tells me that Arthur should have indeed been at 6 months but not to worry.  She tells me that Arthur will come for his next check at 1year and then every 6 months from then on.  The checks at the moment are more to get him used to going to the dentist so he isn’t afraid, I thought that was really sweet.  I had to lay down on the dentist chair and have Arthur laid on top of me.  The dentist looks at his teeth with the little mirror thing and said they looked nice and strong, asked how I was cleaning them etc.

She tells me that the gap in his two front teeth while not super common its almost certainly nothing to worry about but they will monitor to see how it closes.

Arthur was good as gold, I was a little concerned he might bite the dentist since he likes to chew on anything but he laid there fascinated by the light above him!!

A rather ordinary moment but a first and one that made me proud of my good little boy and his shiny strong teeth!

Ummm, Happy Monday…… 🙂



17 thoughts on “The Dentist {The Ordinary Moments} #6

    • I’m sure it will close!! Mum tells me I had a gap and my teeth have always been pretty straight so let’s hope that’s what will happen to Arthur and LL! He has 6 teeth too, don’t you just love those little toothy smiles ☺️

  1. Wow, sounds like he did amazingly well at his first trip to the dentist. Probably because he is so young and open to new experiences. I wish in the UK you were encouraged to take them at that age. I am ashamed to say the dentist hasn’t managed to see my 5 yr old’s teeth as he flat out refuses to open his mouth and I don’t want to make a big drama out of it and cement his fear of the dentist further.

    • As bless him being scared that’s not nice, I wonder where that fear has come from so young? I don’t blame you not wanting to stress about it and make it worse though!! I think it’s amazing that they do that here, it’s the most impressed I’ve ever been with anything medical related here (by a long way haha) x

    • It’s such a great idea isn’t it, it was nice and quick and minimal stress lets hope it remains that way!! I’m relieved we got to go just to speak to someone about how I should be cleaning his teeth etc there is really not that much support here so it was nice to get some reassurance for that!

  2. My son also had a really big gap in between his front two teeth, I used to worry about it so much but as he got older the gap filled, he’s only 3 years old now. The chances are the gap might fill the same way it did for my son. That’s amazing how you can have regular check ups at the dentist

  3. Sounds like Arthur had fun! I took Toby with me last time I went to the dentist (even though he didn’t have any teeth at the time!) and he has an appointment at the same time as me when I go for my next 6 month check up. Hopefully if we keep doing it now it’ll just be something we’ve always done and they won’t have any problems with it. I think Toby’s going to end up with a gap too – his top teeth aren’t through yet but he has an upper lip tie and you can see the teeth in the gum either side of it. Hopefully for both our boys they will close up as they get older 🙂

  4. Sounds like Arthur was really good, you must have been feeling proud (love the name, I have an Arthur too!) I had a gap in my teeth and had it closed with my brace when I was younger but almost wish I still had it now! It’s meant to be lucky I think 🙂

    • I do think its really great, someone did say to me oh but they won’t remember….it may be the case but I think getting in that its not somewhere to be afraid of is very important, particularly as you said by 18months your little guys had already developed a fear of it!! x

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