Love is…..

Ive been tagged by both my petit canard (who came up with this lovely new tag) and YouBabyMeMummy to share my definition of what love is 🙂

So here it is 🙂

Love is……..

Family time; an evening walk on the beach, swimming, or a stroll in the Vallee De Mai are my favourite things to do with Mark and Arthur.

My wonderful husband Mark putting up with my all too frequent tired induced grumpy moods

Arthur reaching out and grabbing my hair during dinner time, didnt you know porridge fruit and yogurt is THE new hair treatment to have (because I’m worth it!)

Watching Arthur learn and master new skills, it’s amazing.

Seeing Arthur and Mark together.

His cheeky little grin, seriously it just gets me every time, especially with all those little teeth in there!

The amazing cuddles I get when I take Arthur out of his cot in the mornings, it’s the best!!

Evenings cuddled up on the sofa when Arthur has gone to bed, barely able to stay awake watching some tv that we have downloaded to get our British telly fix!  A special treat is having this with a glass of wine 🙂

Skype conversations with our parents, particularly when we get to do video chat with Arthur.

so that’s love for me 🙂

i tag 🙂

Redhead Babyled



lets talk mommy



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