The baby gym {The Ordinary Moments} #5

It’s Sunday so that means I’m linking up with Katie at Mummy Daddy Me with my fifth post for ‘The Ordinary Moments’.

The other day I was looking at old photos of Arthur and the ones that particularly caught my eye was him in his baby gym.  I actually got pretty emotional looking at them as I have a lot of him in there and it was amazing seeing how much he had changed from that first picture!

The baby gym was the first thing that we bought for Arthur.  We were on Mahe for the weekend as Mark was doing a half marathon.  I was about 5 months pregnant.  We were excited as there is a baby shop there that sells a lot of European brands and wanted to check it out.  We don’t get over to Mahe all that often so we wanted to take advantage of the trip.

We first looked at the sensible things like sterilisers and discussed with the owner about ordering a car seat but soon we got distracted with the more exciting things!  The baby gym was one of them!  It had so many things on it and it was so brightly coloured and lovely we had to get it!  (We then did also buy the steriliser and some bottles but thats much less exciting!)

When we got back to Praslin we resisted setting it up and playing with it ourselves but we did show our parents on Skype (I’ve done a post about Skype keeping the family close).   It was kind of a big deal for us, it was the first thing we had bought and we finally allowed ourselves to believe it was really happening, my bump was still pretty teeny tiny at this stage so it wasn’t like that was in our faces all the time yet.

While I was on Mahe waiting to have Arthur (I had to be there two weeks before I had him) Mark was still on Praslin and he set everything up, including the baby gym which was waiting for us when we got back home with Arthur.

Arthur in the gym 0-6 months

Arthur in the gym 0-6 months

I remember the first time he was in there, he just stared at the colours, mesmerised.  The first time Arthur sat unsupported was in the gym (hence blurry picture–excited rushing mummy!!).  Arthur has got so much use out of his baby gym and him being in there really is one of ‘ordinary moments’ of the day but it is always a nice time.  Now that he is crawling around he is less interested but will still play happily with the toys if he’s sat up in there.

For me putting Arthur in the baby gym gives me a little flash back every time.  I realise how much he’s grown but more so how much he’s developed by seeing how he interacts with his toys in there!  It’s funny and pretty silly how you can become emotionally attached to an object but that little baby gym has a lot of wonderful memories for me!  

Happy Sunday



22 thoughts on “The baby gym {The Ordinary Moments} #5

  1. I was so sad when we had to pack the baby gym away….. I can remember saying to my husband “make sure it’s downstairs when we bring Teddy home from hospital” and so loads of our photos from the first few months are of him gazing up at the stripy monkey etc. It’s always such a bittersweet moment packing the toys away. The jumperoo has now gone into storage and that made me sad but not as sad as packing away the gym did….. They’re growing up too fast! x

  2. So cute. It’s amazing how quickly they grow. My son hated his playgym till he was about 4 months but my daughter loved it from day one. Arthur looks such a happy smiley little boy x

  3. Ah it’s lovely to see him growing through the ages with his gym. Both of mine loved theirs but for some reason I didn’t use it as much with LL. Now they are packed away 😦 sob! And I was actually really upset about doing it! x

    • Ah thank you! I think it’s amazing seeing the difference in him through those pictures! I think we will be packing away quite soon too unfortunately, I’m sure it will be an emotional moment!! X

  4. I love seeing Bebe’s pics too of using baby gym…we gave ours away , but with baby no 2 on the way, I still need to order one ! You are right they look so cute lying in there and playing, but looking at those pics make you realise how quickly they change and time passes. Gorgeous pictures again 🙂 xx

    • It certainly does make you realise that, it’s not until you look back at them do you realise just how much they have changed 🙂
      Happy baby gym shopping that was my favorite thing we bought!!
      Thanks lovely xxxx

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