A wet Seychelles weekend

On Praslin there are pretty much just two roads; the one that goes round the coast (yellow) in a horse shoe shape and then the one that cuts through the Vallee de Mai (the little white one running through the middle. 

Praslin road map

Praslin road map

The coast road is a really windy and really hilly (we are talking 30% gradient in places!) road that is only really wide enough for one car most of the way round.

The road through the vallee de Mai is also really hilly but it is in much better condition and is wide enough for two cars all the way (so it’s the main road used).  It’s also much quicker to get from one side of the island to the other this way.

A couple of weeks ago we had some bad storms and there was a landslide that cut off the road at the Vallee de Mai.  These are pictures that Mark took as he tried to get to work.  He then had to turn around and go via the coast road.

                        IMG_0876 IMG_0878

The Vallee road remained closed for over a week while they cleared the road and secured the banking.  The only way round was the coast road.  This road isn’t built for as much use as it got and within a really short space of time the road was rapidly deteriating, large pot holes started to appear and the road even giving way in places.

Fast forward to Friday night and we get A LOT of rain.

Saturday, Mark has to go into school as there is a rehearsal for the production he is working on with our neighbour J.  I get a text from J’s boyfriend D telling me that they had got to school but that the Vallee road is closed again (turns out they didn’t do such a great job of securing that banking!).  Then at around lunch time I get another text from D saying the he thinks Mark and J should come home because the weather is getting bad again and that there’s a rumour that the coast road is also going to be closed!!

About an hour later (usually the coast road takes around half hour) they get home.  Mark is soaked!  Turns out a tree had fallen and he and a Seychellois man had to saw it in half to get it out the road!  There was also a house that was being emptied as it was about to fall in a mud slide 😦

After that the rain just kept getting worse and worse.  We heard that the coast road had then been closed and the Vallee road re-opened (as it was the least dangerous of the two!?).

This is the front of my house on Sunday morning


You can’t really tell in this but a lot of this is almost knee deep!!

Luckily the rain has now stopped and as the ground here is pretty much just sand the water soon drains away.  Both roads are now open again!

It was quite a dramatic weekend all in all but being stuck inside the whole time was not fun!


Map of Praslin credit: [https://maps.google.com]


8 thoughts on “A wet Seychelles weekend

  1. Oh gosh that’s a lot of rain!! It’s been like that over here in not so sunny England. I would have thought you got sun all they way round but of course you don’t, I hope everyone’s ok x

    • We do mostly get sun but we are in wet season right now so we do get quite a bit of rain, it tends to usually fall in the evenings though which is great!. My landlord said that he hasn’t seen rain like we had this weekend for 10 years!! X

    • Awww thank you ☺️
      If is really beautiful, we’ve been here around 18 months now and I never get bored of the views! We are a very lucky little family 🙂
      I love your blog too your little lady is adorable!!

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