The not yet ordinary {The Ordinary Moments} #4

It’s Sunday so that means I’m linking up with Katie at Mummy Daddy Me with my fourth post for ‘The Ordinary Moments’.

I want to remember the little things not just the Kodak moments.  

This week has been big for Arthur.

He has stood up by himself (well against the table but without me!)

image  (Excuse the horrible shorts but he’s had heat rash this week so was trying to keep his as cool as possible)

Even bigger then that he is now crawling!!!  We started getting a little forward shuffle in this last week or so but no real distance travelled, but on Thursday he made a break for it and went from his mat over to the tower (i’m pretty good at stacking cups these days!) and then over to the chairs.  Okay so its not particularly graceful yet but he did it.  Very proud he was too!

I do dress him nicely sometimes, honest!

I do dress him nicely sometimes, honest!

These things will soon become “ordinary moments” but two things in one week and particularly the crawling (at 7 months!) has blown my mind and changed our world, that floor is gonna have to be swept like every 5 minutes else he will be constantly covered in sand and dust and real ‘baby proofing’ is going to have to start happening now that so much is within his reach!!

Happy Sunday



30 thoughts on “The not yet ordinary {The Ordinary Moments} #4

  1. Aww those moments are so exciting! My first baby never crawled until after he could walk (funny creature!) so I will be even more excited when this one crawls! 🙂 have fun chasing him around! X

  2. Aww clever boy! It is lovely when they first start to crawl and pull up, even if you do suddenly have to move everything up a shelf or two!

    • It’s kinda come from nowhere so maybe you’ll get it sooner than you think haha! I’m trying to sort out why I can’t comment on your blog it’s driving me nuts, I’ve gone to twitter for help!!! X

  3. Congrats Arthur!!! Those are fantastic milestones to hit !!! What a very clever boy and determination. I wish MM would take a hint. lol Lovely pictures too!!!

    • Ahh thank you jenny! I was actually happy to wait a little longer for him to be mobile haha all of a sudden my life has become that much more busy! You’re right though they are fantastic milestones…very big and I’m a proud mama 🙂 x

  4. That’s amazing! I could see how frustrated he was getting with trying to move and be independent back in December so glad he has found success! Can’t wait to hear about the next set of adventures this brings… =)

    • Thanks Oli 🙂
      I can’t believe how much he’s changed since you were here it’s pretty amazing!! It is kind of a relief that he can do it now since as you say he was so frustrated that he couldn’t get going before.

    • Ahhh we have such clever little boys don’t we 🙂 (like you said on your blog to anyone who doesn’t have kids it nothing but for us it’s the best most amazing thing ever!)
      They are great for round the house they are so thin and lightweight (the pattern on those particular ones is horrible though!) really handy to have on as Arthur has now started undoing his nappy if he’s just in that haha!

  5. Oh wow! congrats on two big moments 🙂 Well done clever boy…my girl didn’t crawl at all lol. i am sure you will enjoy those crawls and standing ups , the moments to treasury forever. Hope heat rash clears up soon too xx

  6. You’ve captured some very important moments! I’ve just discovered your blog – we’ve always dreamed of moving to a small, tropical island but after lots of debating decided to emigrate from the UK to Australia instead because of work opportunities. We’re aiming to move later in the year. The Seychelles is definitely on our hit list for a future holiday when the kids are older though. xx

    • Thanks for stopping by 🙂
      Australia will be amazing I just read about your plans on your blog!!
      We feel very lucky here it is really wonderful, all the loveliness of the desert island but there are no nasties like malaria, or any dangerous bugs or wildlife! Very child friendly here they love kids!!

  7. Go Arthur!! Toby stood up on his own (holding onto the table and I put him there!) for the first time this week too. It’s so exciting! I almost feel like I’m wishing his baby days away though, wondering what he’s going to do next!

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