Ice ice baby.

As you can probably imagine living in the Seychelles is pretty hot and humid, all the time (for example yesterday afternoon it was 34°C in our house!)  Ceiling fans are okay but quite often it just feels like they are pushing around hot air.  It can be pretty uncomfortable, particularly at night as it doesn’t cool down in the evenings here.

When I was pregnant my land lord asked if we would be interested in having air con installed.   We were so excited.  He wanted us to pay for the installation.  We agreed that should be fine but we wanted to know the price first.  Anyway we have a couple of back and forth’s and no price is ever given and we soon give up on the idea that air con is going to happen.  We didn’t want to pester him too much as he had just installed a water tank for us which meant we would have water at all times (there is quite often drought in Seychelles).

Fast forward to this weekend (Arthur is now 7 months so this is almost a year later), our next door neighbours come round and said that the landlord had offered air con for 1500sr (about £75) and that he had two units but next door (us) didn’t want it .  We immediately text him and said that we did of course want it!  Turns out we should have pestered him after all!

The next day he comes round and delivers these little beauties!


Yesterday I spoke to my Mum and said that I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be fitted this week as I hadn’t heard anything and then a couple of hours later (just as I was about to eat my lunch and watch the first episode of Sherlock!) they turned up!  Arthur was asleep so I had to wake him up (having just got him back to sleep after the washing machine woke him!) but I couldn’t be mad we were getting air con!!!!

About 3 and a half hours later it was done and we were basking in the luxury of cold air ahhhhhhhhh!!


It is going to make such a huge difference for us.  It will make napping during the day so much more comfortable for Arthur and it will be so nice to  have on for an hour before bed to cool the house down a little bit.  Arthur has developed a horrible heat rash this week so the timing is pretty good, it will hopefully help with that, or at least stop him developing another in the future.


10 thoughts on “Ice ice baby.

  1. Gosh I hated the heat when I was pregnant. The air on in my car packed up so I actually enjoyed going to work to enjoy the aircon there! Enjoy it! P.s not at all jealous that you live in the Seychelles!

    *totally am.

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