The Baby Bath {The Ordinary Moments} #3

It’s Sunday so that means I’m linking up with Katie at Mummy Daddy Me with my third post for ‘The Ordinary Moments’.

I want to remember the little things not just the Kodak moments.  

The baby bath was one of the last things we bought for Arthur.  I wasn’t that excited about it, just something we needed.

Arthur’s first few bath’s were in hospital.  He screamed every time, the nurse was pretty rough with him (or so it looked like through my brand new mummy eyes) and he just wasn’t very happy.

We actually gave Arthur his first bath together in the apartment we were staying in on Mahe before we took Arthur home to Praslin.  He loved it, he looked so happy in there (even though he was only a few days old!).  By the time we got him home to Praslin Arthur was around 2 weeks old and already a bath lover, he then got to go in the proper baby bath where he had room to really like down and have a good soak!  He looked so so tiny in there.

Bath time very quickly became a family favourite time of day.  We had read it was good to build it as part of a bed time routine, which suited us down to the ground, it meant Mark would be able to get involved every day (as he would be home from work) and I didn’t have to do it on my own!

Over time, bath time has changed.  Once Arthur started sitting up, the ‘fun’ really began, he started splashing around properly and we could even give him a couple of bath toys to play with.  After 7 months bath time is still our favourite time of day with Arthur, we absolutely love it.  It truly has become a special ‘ordinary moment’ of our daily life as a family.

Now Arthur is almost too big for his little baby bath as he keeps trying to pull himself up to standing in it and he can’t really lie down in there any more.  It will be an end of an era as we do not have a bathtub only a shower.  I will be sad when this special little family bed time ritual ends so I am enjoying every second of each and every bath time we have left.

Happy Sunday



28 thoughts on “The Baby Bath {The Ordinary Moments} #3

    • I know I want to keep him in it forever, space wise we would probably be okay for a little while but I’m just so nervous about him trying to stand up all the time since its so slippery!
      The washing up bowl is perfect and i bet Eliot loves it since its something a little different! x

  1. It’s lovely that he enjoys the bath so much and I can relate to the sadness of that time ending but showers will be the start of something new for him, and another Ordinary Moment for you! Imagine the fun a baby/toddler can have in a shower! x

  2. Aww, I’m sure you’ll be sad to see it end. It’s amazing isn’t it how tiny they look in those baths when they first go in them, then before you know it they have outgrown them

  3. It’s brilliant that Mark can get home in time for bath time – I know my hubby loves having that special hour with Toby for bath and bed when he gets home from work. And good luck when it comes to having to move to the shower!

  4. Bath time is definitely one of our favourites here too. It’s so cute watching them splash about isn’t it? Good luck with the shower! X

  5. Bath time is so much fun in our household. Now they are older they share and they can be in there up to an hour! Hope the showers are successful! x

  6. What a lovely moment to describe! We love bath time too, but M is already too big for his baby tub. We only have a shower too so I’ve been putting off getting rid of his bath for as long as possible… I guess we will have to create a new routine to treasure. Once it gets hot enough it’ll probably be quite fun to all get in together and not worry about the water going everywhere!

  7. Bathtime is cherished in our house too. I think I love it because a) it signals that bedtime is just round the corner, and b) my children are quiet and happy when they’re in the bath together. Bliss!

  8. Bathtime are the best…i remember as a first time mum, i was so scared to hold my daughter so would set up everything on the dining table including baby bath ! It is still favourite time in our household, and we do take showers sometimes as they are quick but Bebe has started to love them thinking she can jump in the running water lol. You mentioned it correctly, its ordinary every day moment but it is indeed one of the most beautiful ones xx

  9. Bath times are just magic aren’t they! Babies sometimes fit in the sink long after they’ve outgrown their tubs – and you’ve always got the pool so hopefully it won’t be too much of a wrench!

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