A Thank You-Melt Your Heart Moments #1

This is the first melt your heart moments link up by the really lovely Jenny over at Let’s Talk Mommy why don’t you join in too 🙂

Arthur has been a little bit “Mamacentric” recently and so I wanted to write a little something about how lucky I am to have an amazing husband and how great he is as a daddy!  I don’t tell Mark enough how great I think he is and how thankful I am for everything he does!  So here it is, a little soppy but sometimes thats ok 🙂

Bed Time stories. Since he was tiny you have read Arthur a bed time story every night & he loves it!  He looks in wonder as you do silly actions and laughs at the funny voices!

The way you look at him.  The way you look at Arthur makes me melt.  The love you have for him is clear for all to see, its a beautiful thing.

His smile when you get home from work.  Arthur really does miss you during the day (the poor little guy is stuck with me all day!) and although it might not be long at the moment before he gets wriggly and wants to come back to me, the way his little face lights up when you come home is so lovely!

Seeing you together.   When you two are together there is no sight in the world that makes me happier.  My two favourite people snuggled up, playing, reading, or walking along (Arthur in the baby carrier).

You keep me sane.  I have developed a tendency to become obsessive over everything Arthur related, particularly his sleep.  You have made sure I don’t become a recluse and continue to make me realise that a night here and there where his routine is changed isn’t going to hurt him!  Sometimes you drag me out kicking and screaming but in the end we always have had a good time and Arthur has (mostly) behaved.

Your words.  Every single day you tell me what a great Mum I am, and you mean it!

Your actions.  We are a great team!  We each have our things that we do for Arthur and I know I couldn’t be anywhere near the Mum to him that I am without you.  I don’t say thank you enough for the things that you do and I’m sorry for that!

Look where we are!!!  Because of you we have been able to have Arthur in the Seychelles!  I’ve always wanted to have a baby somewhere like this, we live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, and we have that thanks to you.

Thank you, for everything!

My two favourites!

My two favourites!


10 thoughts on “A Thank You-Melt Your Heart Moments #1

  1. This is such a lovely post and makes me think that I dont tell my husband enough how great a dad he is either! Your partner sounds like such a lovely, fun, level headed dad. Thanks for sharing such a lovely post 🙂

  2. This is beautiful post…and yes , sometimes we don’t thank our partners/husbands enough for the role they play in our kids life…he sound such an amazing dad 🙂 Your beautiful words made me smile 🙂 x

  3. A PERFECT melt your heart post for my very first link up. Thank you so much for sharing that, beautiful post. I think we don’t often enough say thanks to our other halves, I will definitely be telling him tonight. These are the post I love to read the really, really heart-felt ones that give us all good vibes, and goosebumps. THANK YOU! Hope to see you again next week. 😉

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