Laughter at the end of a tough week {The Ordinary Moments} #2

It’s Sunday so that means I’m linking up with Katie at Mummy Daddy Me again with my second post for ‘The Ordinary Moments’

I want to remember the little things not just the Kodak moments.  

It was Friday, the end of Marks 2nd week back at work after Christmas and it had felt like a long one for both of us!

I’d had a few tough few days with Arthur.

His two top front teeth had cut through pretty much simultaneously and he’d been really grumpy!  With the last two teeth the grumpiness stopped as soon as they had broken through the skin……this was not the case this time!!

Also he’s really got into two fun new things the last few weeks

  • Rolling: making nappy changes pretty challenging (to put it lightly!)
  • Standing up (assisted): he wants to be stood up ALL the time!!!

Anyway, cut back to Friday and I’m done, totally exhausted, and grumpy.  I’m doing a nappy change he’s kicking off and I want to cry!  A walk is needed, I can’t get the pram out the door fast enough and within minutes  Arthur sleeps!  We get back, Mark goes for a run and Arthur kicks off on a grump again 😦 we limp to half past 5 and it’s his dinner time.

He pretty much inhaled his dinner as he usually does at this time!  “Wow good job” I say, and then something simple but wonderful happened, he cracks up laughing.  The three of us then laugh continuously for a good 5 minutes, so much so Arthur gave himself hiccups!  It was like something straight out of the end of a Peppa Pig episode.

I don’t know how much longer it will take so little to change Arthur’s mood so dramatically, or how long he will find me funny but I would love to keep that moment of us all of being so so happy in such an ordinary moment forever.

Happy Sunday



20 thoughts on “Laughter at the end of a tough week {The Ordinary Moments} #2

    • Ahh thanks 🙂
      I can’t believe how it was almost an overnight change from him not minding (actually quite enjoying) nappy changes to them being a big wriggly challenge!!

      Its the best isn’t it, also its amazing how a change in their mood can so quickly affect your mood! xx

    • It’s unbelievable isn’t it! He just wants to roll and roll and roll haha, I’m wondering if cloth nappies might be better….can you get ones that have poppers? I’m finding the wigglyness is leading to sloppy nappy doing up by my causing some leaks(grrr!!)

  1. oh yes the endless nappy wriggling and running off when you want to change them! and the mood swings – they do seem to suddenly go from one extreme to another dont they? i love that you compared the giggling to something out of Peppe Pig – i think that is a lovely moment to cherish as they always laugh about everything on that show don’t they?x

    • Hi 🙂 thanks yeah it is sweet how they always end the episode laughing, and to me thats how that day felt! We also had another similar episode on Monday involving me trying to juggle! x

  2. Nappy changing is always hard , even with a toddler and throw in teething its the worst disaster! I love the way you said, how you three went laughing for 5 minutes over three words 🙂 life is so ordinary and so beautiful at times 🙂 xxx

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